Thursday, March 03, 2005

Karla's Thoughts

This is an excerpt from an email that my friend, Karla, in Manhattan Beach, CA wrote to me March 3, 2005:

...every time we go up to Joel's family's cabin in Truckee we go paddling around the lake.... I always get one of my [kayaks]... so I can go and explore and feel the wind and do clear thinking. I really enjoy that time... its like nothing I have done before.... I liked it so much I begged Joel for one... Seems we all need to get closer to mother earth before we kick her harder than we already have. I don't know if its spiritual or not but being outside and doing things outside is when I am at my top form... Making people aware is huge. People don't realize these beautiful resources may not be here for the next generation.

--- Karla B